Our innovative direct-to-consumer telemedicine solution, VideoMedicine, is available to enhance your Salus telemedicine program. This mobile platform provides a free-market physician network, resulting in high quality patient care at a considerably lower cost. Not only do patients gain access to convenient, on-demand primary care physician services with VideoMedicine, but they are also able to choose the boardcertified physician and health professionals they want and who fit their pocketbook – a choice that other telemedicine services do not provide.

Patients have the added benefit of inviting their own doctors to join the VideoMedicine physician network, thus offering the opportunity to have continuity of care with preferred providers that other platforms cannot match. Built on best-in-class technology with superior streaming abilities, our proprietary platform is highly customizable to meet the different needs of large enterprises, payors and hospital systems.

This groundbreaking app allows patients and doctors to connect regardless of the patient’s ability to schedule an office visit, or travel to a medical center. Getting a second opinion or a referral has never been easier! Sick patients who are bedridden, those living in remote areas with limited doctor access, seniors and busy moms with sick kids who need answers quickly will love using VideoMedicine.

  • Branded Storefront per organization
  • Free Market System for physicians
  • HIPAA Compliant A/V connection promotes personal interaction with provider and patient
  • Geography and time are no longer barriers to care for your patients
  • Easy scheduling integrates with patient’s life and the health system’s scheduling system
  • VM health record integrates seamlessly with health system’s EMR system
  • Patient/Physician continuity of care
  • Proprietary audio/visual video platform designed to function on lower bandwidth requirements
  • Can incorporate peripherals including but not limited to exam scopes, ultrasounds, EKGs, etc., and can be used in health systems, schools, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and correctional facilities to allow for full virtual physical examinations that is equal to or superior to an in person visit