Our comprehensive services truly set us apart resulting in a lower cost of ownership for our clients. We are more than just a software or hardware company – Salus solves the problem of applying and integrating telemedicine technology and services in a cost-effective way that will increase the efficiency and capabilities of our client’s current healthcare delivery system.

Consultation & Training

We pride ourselves on our capabilities to not only train on the equipment and clinical components of a telemedicine clinic, but also to provide training on the best ways to market and expand your program, employee and patient buy-in, and other aspects needed to ensure your program is successful.

Scheduling & Credentialing Services

Salus offers a permission based and custom designed patient scheduling software license with services for Telemedicine appointments.

Portal includes custom set up with ability to manage multiple physician schedules.


Our direct-to-consumer telemedicine solution, VideoMedicine, is available to enhance your Salus telemedicine program. This mobile platform provides a free-market physician network, resulting in high quality patient care at a considerably lower cost.