Salus Telehealth, ATA Member, Exhibits at Fall Forum in New Orleans

Salus Telehealth, Inc., who recently announced their merger with VideoMedicine, officially launched the new product and service line at this year’s ATA Fall Forum in New Orleans. ATA conference attendees who stopped by the Salus Telehealth booth got a live demonstration of the new video platform with live connections back to the Salus Telehealth corporate office in Waycross, Ga. Attendees saw a live video connection where they played the role of physician and saw live images of ear drums, throats, skin lesion, and much more!

“This has been the best ATA meeting we’ve ever had! We have received so much support from our friends as we celebrate our new company!” states Paula Guy, CEO.

If you missed this year’s ATA Fall Forum but would like a demonstration of Salus Telehealth’s platform and service offerings please contact 866-892-9493.

About Salus Telehealth

Salus Telehealth is an experienced telehealth company that provides its customers a complete and comprehensive telehealth platform and equipment resources needed to successfully implement an e-clinical model of care in any healthcare environment. Salus’ leadership and staff have years of experience implementing successful telemedicine programs in many different geographic locations and healthcare settings. Healthcare systems are partnering with Salus Telehealth to implement telemedicine programs and to bring specialty services to rural and remote locations as well as monitor patients in the home. Salus Telehealth offers the world’s first mobile, free-market doctor network, VideoMedicine. Salus Telehealth has partnered with payors and employers to be the preferred mobile, secure, and HIPAA compliant healthcare application. Relationships with our customers are ongoing, with continued program support from our account managers and 24/7 technological support team. Other services offered by Salus include telehealth needs assessment, consultation, physician and healthcare provider onboarding /telemedicine program adoption, program support, 24/7 call center and technological support, scheduling and credentialing, and training and education.

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